Contact me

WordPress told me that I should write my contact details here, which is a reasonable idea. Not that I’m such an important person, but if anybody wants to say a few words to me, or say anything to me, they should just be able to do it.

First of all, my e-mail address is: gergo[dot]hahn[at]gmail[dot]com (also, I have an e-mail account at the University, which is GH334[at]… oh, I just feel lazy, so I will just write down the dots :D)

Second of all, if you have a Twitter account, you can find me under the nickname¬†@DHOPW42. I’m following a lot of movie sites and actors and composers and comedians, and I often retweet them, so don’t be surprised if you see only news from the film and TV world on my Tweet Feed (or how is it called anyway?).

And you can also add me on Facebook, if you’d like, so find out my name and that’s it.


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