I know it’s so insignificant it’s not worth it at all, but I always find myself feeling a little bit annoyed when I see things like this. Yes, I’m talking about Facebook- and Instagram-philosophies, where people write short and very powerful sentences about the meaning and problems of life. It’s so common and they are so popular. And I like to shed some light on them. Here’s one for starters:


So much wrong about this.

1. People were not created. A small detail; we can say that maybe we shouldn’t take this literally but I think it tells a lot about this type of thinking. Because when you say that something was created you imply it has some sort of a goal, a higher meaning behind it. We already know about evolution and how it is not goal oriented at all, so why are we still saying that people were created? And especially, why are we saying that people were created for any particular reason?

2. Things were indeed created to be used, that part is correct.

3. Really, this is the reason why the world is in chaos? You don’t even pose the question why things are being loved. You know why? Because this is how we developed through evolution, we feel affection to everything we have. We love our stuff and it’s natural. And yes, most of the time we love people as well. The above text is implying that people are, in fact, not loved, which couldn’t be less true. Everyone loves at least one other person. I know what “love” means in this context; they are trying to say that we should care (love) more for people around us, whether friends or strangers, and the world would be a better place. Totally agreed. BUT.

Originally, why don’t we love people really, I mean, why don’t we love everyone, regardless of who they are? Because we are animals, and because we were NOT created. We developed through evolution, without a reason, without a goal, and in Nature things don’t love each other. They hate each other. Animals, plants, bacteria, everyone hates everyone. That is how nature works. And we should be thankful that the human world does not work like this. I mean, not in its entirety. Sadly, for huge parts of the world, it indeed does work like this. People hate, despise, use and kill other people nearly all the time. But there are at least a few places where we got rid of hatred and we introduced “love” (as in: caring) to our everyday lives. And these are mostly places where people have the opportunity and the ability to compose Facebook- and Instagram-images like this one. People of the developed world. Do you really think that in developed countries like the one you’re most likely seeing that above image from are places where people don’t love each other? That is just selfish and egotistic to think. You can only see and create images and texts like that because you live in a place where people do love each other in the first place. So, let me give you an alternative to the above image. Maybe this will actually convey some truth about the world we live in:

People were born to hate others. Things were created to be used against others and for your own good. People started to love each other. Things were started to be used for other people’s good as well. The reason why the world is in chaos because people were not created, but born from the horrors of Nature. So please, don’t underestimate the power of technology, science and knowledge because that is the only way you can introduce love in the worst parts of our world. Now get up and buy a better book to read.

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One Response to Nitpicking

  1. Csaba Hahn says:

    And – finally – when human being is awakened that he is not an animal anymore, he is able to love everything instead of hating. The animal believe that he must hate the “other”. The human can know that there are not “others” in the life. The whole world is “one”. By the way people do not need to hate other people for survival, so the world works like this less and less. The future is the LOVE. 🙂

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