Love is the ultimate human failure


Did you know there’s a nerve in the human body that connects your larynx (if I’m right, but this detail is not that relevant) and some other part of your body that is very close to the larynx? But that nerve, instead of going straight to the larynx, does a huge roundabout; it goes down somewhere to your chest, goes around a blood vessel then goes up back to where it started. It is much, much longer than it needs to be. What is even more shocking that this same nerve does the same exact thing in other animals as well, animals as huge as the giraffe for example. So in a giraffe this is an even BIGGER roundabout; it is at least a few metres of extra, unnecessary nerve tissue.

What this curious fact tells us is that we animals are most probably not designed. We can assume a designer would leave us in a perfect state, or at least in a very efficient state, but having a nerve do these kind of roundabouts doesn’t sound efficient at all. What probably happened is that through evolution this unlucky nerve got stuck under that very blood vessel and as it got further away from the original place of the nerve, it took the nerve with itself. It was evolution. Blind, without a clear design.

It’s very interesting how we find ourselves leaving evolution behind. Evolution is very slow and humans are developing in quite a tempo. We walk upright despite the fact that evolution is not supporting humans to walk upright at all. But we don’t give a crap, we want to walk upright so we’ll do that. Nevermind all the back pain later in life.

It is quite obvious that our backs, knees and ankles hurt a lot because we shouldn’t be bipedal at all. Maybe we could be, but evolution didn’t adjust our bodies fast enought to support our walk cycles (yet). So we suffer a lot, almost everyone does.

I have a strange feeling that the human brain is an even more complex organ than the human knee or spine. Actually, I’m quite confident that it is. And I would expect our lovely brains to act strangely on a lot of occasions. Because it’s just amazingly complex and I’m pretty sure it’s not fully, perfectly developed at this point. When our knees can’t take the pressure of human development, how could our brains? I’m pretty sure they can’t. What is my proof that? Love and affection.

Emotions in general. Emotions are very absurd, nearly indescribable things that we all experience. I guess they are brand new, state-of-the-art tools brought to you by evolution to guide you in your everyday life – as an ape or pre-historic human. Fear, terror, sadness, happiness, well-being and love must’ve been very powerful means of helping an individual survive in the horrors of Earth. But nowadays, when we clearly went beyond what evolution intended for us, emotions can harm us as much as they can help us.

I guess the same applied in ancient times as well, but now it’s just so many of us. We have hundreds of friends and relatives and people we interact with all the time, and our brain feels the need to act on every occasion. There’s an emotion for every moment in our life, because our brain just overworks. There’s just so many stimuli and so many things going on, so many things to react to – it’s just mind-blowing. And I think our brains cannot handle this. Take love for example.

What is love, really? A very strong feeling of attachment to another person. What can be the original purpose of this emotion? Probably to make us feel fond of our relatives, our family or tribe members. It was most definitely a very powerful method of creating indestructible bonds between certain people. Mothers and children, siblings, partners. Individuals who were capable of feeling love towards their children or partners had bigger chances of survival. It was a new tool in the survival kit.

But now, even though times have changed, people haven’t. Why not? Because evolution is way slower than our social and cultural development. And I think emotions like love have a big chance of barking up the wrong tree. Nearly everyone had at least one bad experience with love. This strong, indestructible emotion that you just cannot get rid of. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how hard you reasoned with yourself and how hard you tried to bring your intelligence into the game, it just didn’t go away. Why is that? Is that a necessary part of everyday human life? What advantages does it have to have feelings this strong for someone who does not have the same feelings for you? I think I know the answer: it has zero advantages, because at that point your brain is just malfunctioning.

It is simply misfiring an emotion that was built inside you by evolution. I think our brains are not perfect at all. Not at all. And I can see the proof for that in every one of my friends who suffer because of their brains and their emotions. And, as most philosophers, buddhist and intelligent people would say, to change your emotions you have to change your thoughts. Which is a fair point, but I’m sure thoughts have a material origin as well, and that origin is most likely in our brains. And to change our thoughts – it’s easier said than done. Especially when your brain is not actually working properly.

The way our knees and backs don’t work properly under the pressure of human life, I think our brains struggle a lot to comprehend the outside world as well. Just like computers experiencing technical difficulties, our brains can sometimes – or even quite often – develop bugs. Misfiring emotions is the greatest bug of all. It’s a fault in the hardware and in the software of it. The ultimate bug of the human body. We can only hope that with time everything will be mended.

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1 Response to Love is the ultimate human failure

  1. Hahn Csaba says:

    “And to change our thoughts – it’s easier said than done.” – Yes, it`s true…
    But there are ways. For example the Buddhism itself. Or the spirituality. The brain will change when awaken for fact that “he” is not separated, but unified. Knowing the unity is the true love. 🙂

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