Why I think the Star Wars VII teaser is great – and other matters

I will try to be as brief as I can. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan at all (I’m part of The Lord of the Rings generation), I’ve only seen the original trilogy once, the new trilogy a couple more times, but I don’t like them very much. Still, I really like the whole mythology of it, mainly the basics: jedis, lightsabers, the fights, the Force, the Siths… actually, I think these are all the things I like about Star Wars. And you know, judging by the trailer this is what I will mostly get from the film; the filmmakers got the basics of this mythology and re-used them for their purposes. I really like this attitude – unlike others.


Lot of people, including SW fans (like, hundreds of millions of them) complain about a lot of things regarding this teaser. Understandably. The most shocking thing this teaser has to offer is its visual style that is completely different from what the Star Wars films used to look like. JJ Abrams really got his hands on the visuals, and for the best. I love that they are departing from the previous films – I mean, even from the original trilogy.

And weeks after the teaser has debuted, no one really cares about what I have to say. I mean, if I only wanted to say that I liked the teaser, it would be really boring. But I think this teaser trailer signifies something very important – new times. New times in filmmaking, in blockbuster films. More generally it points out to us in the most obvious way: times, but mainly arts, are changing. All the time. And most people in history could not accept change. Most people living now cannot accept change. This is your common “old people” attitude that you encounter all the time – especially if you’re still relatively young. But even young people, people in their twenties are complaining about things and recalling dear things from their past. It’s a common sight on the Internet. I don’t want to create a fog of mystery around this topic, it’s very obvious why this is: the 21st century must be the fastest changing century in the history of mankind. Mostly when it comes to technology, but even when you think of arts, modern arts, you see this sudden but huge shift from what used to be normal. Like everything was on the brink of a huge chasm but now it’s all falling down faster and faster. And I welcome this. As someone born in 1991 I welcome all the creations and speed and pace of the 21st century. I’m truly a 21st-century-guy. I was born to live here. Still, some – actually, most – people wish the world was more like it used to be.


And I guess it will never happen since it never happened in the past ten thousand years or so, but it’s time we put an end to this attitude, because frankly it is just really boring. And what this new Star Wars trailer signifies – believe it or not – is this eternal change of times. We have this hugely, hugely influential piece of popular art, the Star Wars franchise (I will call it a piece of art, like it or not), and someone is stirring it up again. Nearly everyone loved the idea of seeing a new Star Wars film, still, they don’t actually like what they are seeing in the teaser. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the visuals and the overall “feel” of it. “It’s not Star Wars anymore.” What people wanted to see is the atmosphere and the visual style of the George Lucas-era. But JJ Abrams and the filmmakers stood up and said: well, fuck you, you’re not getting it. And you are not allowed to get it. We are not playing that game. This is filmmaking, even on this level. On the level of mainstream blockbusters. We are still making films, and there is no way that we are going to make a film that has the exact same features of a film from 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. That is not going to happen.


The world is changing. Times are changing. Everyone is tired of hearing these phrases, still, they stand true. If you haven’t realized by now, life and existence is changing constantly on every level you can imagine. It’s changing on the level of your personal life, it’s changing on the level of your physical body, your molecules are changing, it’s changing on a global level and life is changing on a cosmical level – constantly. And sometimes you can argue about whether it’s for better or worse, but since it’s only arts and films, I think we can agree that there is no good or bad. It just happens. As happened with all art forms since the existence of arts and entertainment. Does it really have to be an 88-second-long Star Wars teaser to remind you of this?

I welcome the new Star Wars trailer and the film because I welcome change. I don’t really have any other choice, do I? And I don’t mind that.


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1 Response to Why I think the Star Wars VII teaser is great – and other matters

  1. Juraviel.Ihuan.Bedvin says:

    Believe or not, some other fans wrote a different opinion about JJ’s new SW trailer (not too much, but some). These people thought an intersting thing: JJ cancelled the Episode I-II-III era, and went back to the original atmosphere but he considered the changing of design. This is my opinion too (I mean, I hope it’s true).

    Some news of SW were called about making many scenery, well if i tis true too and they won’t use just CGI (and lens flare :D), I would be statisfied.

    An important thing! An “R2D2” on rolling ball was the an original idea of Geroge Lucas and his team in plans of the original trilogy. But they rejetced the idea. A guy found an article of SW magazine from the past, I don’t find the link at the moment, so this didn’t blow up from JJ’s mind. 😀

    And maybe Andy Serkins as a Sith Lord? A SITH LORD? The man, who was Gollum/Witch King of Angmar, Caesar, KIng Kong? I think is awesome!

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