Written assignments 1.: The one with the serpent

As I was reading through my posts, I realized that it doesn’t really seem like I’m doing anything on this course other than watching movies and… that’s it. So I thought I would show you what other things I’m doing here, and I’m mainly thinking about written assignments. Written assignments are the ones I enjoy the most, maybe because I like to come up with ideas, short (or even long) stories, and overall: I like to write. On the module Storytelling for the Screen we’ve had a lot of assignments where we had to do the aforementioned things, and I really enjoyed them! Long story short: in the future I’ll dedicate a few posts for showing you these short stories and other assignments I wrote. I will just copy the exact text here every time, without any change. I hope you’ll enjoy them! Let’s start this thing with one of my first assignments.

This one was about writing a short story with a certain character in it that resembles the character of the serpent in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. We were reading two different creation myths in class (one the Bible, the other one is a Persian one), and at home we had to come up with a story that features this serpent-like character. So, behold my work, untitled, silly and flawed. But as I’ve said, that’s what I presented to the teacher, so I won’t change it, even though the ending is pretty corny!


Adam was climbing up the ladder. He finally got to the top of it, and stepped forward to stand for a second on the platform. He (and the platform) was at least 20 meters high. If someone would’ve seen him, they could tell that Adam was in great fear. It was a mix of the fear of height and the fear of… well, death. But I’m sure the two fears are connected. Actually, there was someone who could see Adam right now. A 40-something guy in a janitor uniform, who was just mopping the floor. He didn’t pay much attention to the man in the swim-suit, though, who was stepping closer and closer to the edge of the platform. The look on Adam’s face was self-explanatory – he was utterly frightened. One moment he was on the edge, the next moment he stepped back. And once again, he stepped forward, and after that – yes, you’ve guessed it – he stepped back again. This little dance went on for at least 5 minutes, when the janitor said something. He didn’t turn his head to show his face to Adam, he was just saying it to himself.

– I think you should jump.

– What? – asked Adam almost immediately.

Now the janitor turned to the man with a friendly face.

– Oh, nothing… it’s just that I think you should jump. But of course it’s your choice, I’m only saying that… well, it’s not important.

– Go on, go on. – insisted Adam.

– No, really… I’m saying that if I would be up here I would definitely jump. You know, after I climbed up this high with all my efforts, I wouldn’t give in here. But that’s just me, really…

This made Adam think. It made him even motivated. “Yes, he could be right” – he thought. “I don’t want to look like a coward anyway… it would be really pathetic to just climb down.”

– Yeah, I think you’re right. Thanks for the advice. – said Adam smiling.

– Oh, it’s really nothing.

– I’m Adam, by the way. – introduced himself Adam in a friendly manner. – And you are…

– Bob.

After hearing the janitor’s name, Adam stepped to the edge of the platform for the last time, and jumped down. He was smiling. He was really self-confident. All his fears were gone. The janitor wished Adam luck quietly, and continued the mopping. Immediately, another man just climbed up the ladder. He wasn’t wearing a swim-suit, instead he had a real suit on. He went up to Bob.

– Hello! Would you mind please telling everybody from now on that jumping is temporarily forbidden? We just began to clean the pool so it has no water in it.

Bob’s face just turned into white.

– Uhm… like… from now on, or it didn’t have water, like… 5 seconds ago?

– Well, it’s a really long process to get rid of all the water, and I think it was already empty 30 minutes ago. So… – but now the man in the suit saw the terrified expression on the janitor’s face. – What, you didn’t let anyone jump in the last few minutes, did you?

– Well… – Bob looked rather stressed.

The man ran to the edge to look down and he saw Adam’s body in a rather horrifying manner.

– Jesus Christ!! What have you done??

– I don’t know, I was just, you know, giving him a bit of self-confidence… I didn’t know there was no water in the pool!

– But gosh, you can see the entire pool area from up here! You bloody idiot! Why did you let him jump??

– Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I’m really sorry.

– You’re sorry?? Now he’s dead because of you!

– Well, it’s more because of the sudden change of his speed going down, so…

– But he’s dead!

– Death is just another path… one that we all must take.

– And you’re answering with a Lord of the Rings quote??

– It’s a wise saying anyway, so…

– Okay, you know what, get out, get the hell out of here and don’t ever return!

– Well, okay…

Bob really hated that he just lost his job. All he wanted to do is to help a man achieving his short-time goal. Anyway, he climbed down and left the building. Now that he thought of that, after all, the man died in happiness. This really cheered up our old Bob. And yes, he was the serpent in this story.


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