Re-creating a scene from a movie – MDA1300


On module MDA1300 we’ve been given the assignment to re-create a certain scene from a movie with the help of our classmates. We’ve been put into groups and after that we could decide what scene we would be doing. I’ve ended up with Tara, Ray, Stephen and the all-mysterious always-absent Dave, and we chose the ending from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. We went through a lot of different scenes from different movies (The Godfather II, Pulp Fiction), but the ending for Drive (at least part of it) seemed… well, not as hard to re-create as the others. If you don’t know which scene I’m talking about, here you can watch it:

We wanted to do that certain part with one shot, when the camera pans up from Ryan Gosling’s feet to his face, then goes back down for his hands. It’s just one shot, and I’m not sure whether this makes it easier or not. It’s easier to edit one-shot scenes, that’s for sure. Anyway, we had to do some pre-production before filming.

Tara was our producer along with Ray who was kind of a co-producer, too. Stephen was responsible for cinematography, Dave was, well, missing, and I was named the director for this sequence. We went together to buy some props and clothes, like the Driver’s iconic jacket, a watch, some fake blood and shoes. We analyzed the sequence thoroughly, we knew how we should do it. We planned to take out some lamps (at least four) from the school, because the scene had quite a difficult lighting set-up. Simulating a blinding sunrise/sunset in London is a great challenge, so we truly needed those lights. We had one of our classmates, Zane, as Gosling, and I must say he could’ve been a great Driver in this scene. And it’s not an accident that I say “could have been”, because on the day of the planned shooting something went utterly wrong.

I won’t get into details, but certain members of our group (not Dave this time) couldn’t come to the shooting, and that was a real problem because they had all the props. Ouch. We soon realized that we cannot shoot this beautiful sequence, even though we’ve planned it out pretty well, I think. Oh, and I forgot to say, that this was on Wednesday, and we had to present it on Thursday. So, after 2 hours of weeping we decided that “Fuck, we have to present something. We won’t be able to re-create anything even close to the original, because we don’t have anything right now; proper location, clothes, props and lights”. So we kind of thought that if we would present something funny instead, that could balance the whole thing out. So in about 30 minutes we filmed the ending for Cloverfield with some new twists in it, but I won’t give it away. I don’t think that Ray had uploaded it, or that he will upload it anytime, because he doesn’t want to show it to anyone. But I think it was really funny 😀 So, anyway, if Ray decides to show it to you, than I’ll have it here, until then… well, I hope I’ll be able to shoot something great next time.


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2 Responses to Re-creating a scene from a movie – MDA1300

  1. Hahn Csaba says:

    What does the “props” mean?

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