Movies I’ve seen thanks to my course 2.: The French again, the Badass and the TV shows

Last time I wrote a quite lengthy post about films we’ve watched on certain modules, and some people pointed out that I should divide these long posts into smaller ones, so I’ll try to be more „readable” this time. So, once again, let’s check out some of the movies I had the opportunity to watch in the past few weeks on classes!

La passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928)


As you can see in the title, this film (silent film, to be precise) is about the trials and death of the famous French martyr of the Hundred Years War, Jeanne d’Arc. It has to be one of the earliest adaptations of this story, and it’s a very interesting movie for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s a silent film, and it’s still an interesting experience for me to watch silent movies. Second, I have to point out that the main actress, Maria Falconetti gives an extremely powerful performance as the titular character. So powerful that it’s sometimes just too painful to watch. I don’t think that there was ever another actress that came so close to the overall “sense” and personality of Jeanne d’Arc than Falconetti. It’s a truly amazing performance that sets a standard for future adaptations of this story. You should watch this definitely if you’re into early gems in film history!

Out of the Past (1947)


This movie was another first-time-experience to me, because this was the first film noir I’ve ever seen in my life. And it really made me interested in the genre! Or is it a genre? I don’t really know, help me out, if you’re smarter than me 😀 Anyway, back to the movie. I’ve read that many critique and filmmaker consider this film the essence of film noir, and I can agree with their point. I liked this film very much, mainly because the main character (played by the great Robert Mitchum) was such a badass! The concept of anti-hero was born in this movie. He was really an anti-hero in this movie. He was a guy with good morals, he was kinda after a good cause, but he screwed it up in the end – guess what: thanks to a woman! The only bad thing he had is the weakness for women. Even though he could easily seduce any woman, he could be seduced by them, too, pretty easily. He’s a real charmer, but he had feelings for the wrong person. Can you blame him for this? I’m not sure. But what I’m sure that he’s the true essence for all anti-heroes. He’s cold as ice, hard as a stone, smokes 14 pieces of cigarettes a minute and punches other guys in the face. He’s the definition of badass for me. And despite the not-so-happy ending, the film didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, it was really good to watch. If you’re interested in films and characters like this, you should check it out immediately!

Breaking Bad (S1E01) and 24 (S2E01)


It stands for “Season 1, episode 1” and “Season 2, episode 1” respectively, if you didn’t know it already 😛 I don’t want to analyze these two in depth, so I’ll just do a quick re-cap! I’ve already seen every episode of 24, so it was no new thing to me. But Breaking Bad was, and it was a very good, very exciting pilot with a great performance by Bryan Cranston in it! Man, that guy has a serious voice – not as serious as Kiefer Sutherland’s, though. But bear in mind, you can never beat Jack Bauer. So, anyway, it was good to watch BB, it made me interested in the whole series, so I think I’ll downl—I mean, buy the first season soon.

That’s it for today! To be continued…

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