On your Mark IIIs, get Set…

Welcome everyone, I’m Gergő Hahn, which sounds a bit weird. Trust me, it’s a real name, it’s actually Hungarian, so it kinda reveals my nationality. I came from Budapest to London to study filmmaking, and to become a film director… eventually. But first, I have to finish many of my assignments, and one of them is to create a blog. That’s right, you’re reading this very blog right now. The purpose of the blog is to share all my thoughts about this course (which is BA Film) and about its “contents”. I think this is a great opportunity for me, because I love to write tons of pages about films I love and dear moments of my life anyway, so this blog won’t be a problem. Just excuse me for being too keen.

And also excuse me for the hasty nature of the first couple of posts – you can see that I began to write this blog on 17th October (which is today… well, it’s only a today today, so tomorrow it will be yesterday, and if you’re reading this in the near future it’s highly likely that it’s your near past), so I have to remember all the things I’ve done in (and outside) school in the past 17 days. Since the course began at the First of October.

So, anyway, just to quote one of my favorite comedy sketches, which was written and “executed” by Rowan Atkinson: Where should I begin… uhm… erm… uuhhhm eeerm aahhmm uuummm… I…. I’d like to begin… now!

So stay tuned for updates!

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One Response to On your Mark IIIs, get Set…

  1. Hahn Csaba says:

    Who the fuck is Mr. Ill? 🙂

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